The small, dancing Catallena
cata your sebastian stan stan stage just may be my favorite thing of the year - Jessica.
john lennon syndrome?
asked by Anonymous


john lennon syndrome is when a dumbass thinks they’re concerned about peace and social issues and believe they are in touch with nature when in reality they just say the n word, smoke weed, throw a bunch of hindu and buddhist imagery together and call it “inner peace,” and don’t shower. you probably know a lot of these people


everyone moves on with their lives while i am still very permanently stuck on cap 2


Selena Gomez photo by Aris Jerome


Selena Gomez photo by Aris Jerome

When You Were Young
The Killers


You sit there in your heartache waiting on some beautiful boy to save you from your old ways.



I love shopping!

why are people reblogging the short vine version when this exists


But I’m a Cheerleader, 1999

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